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Satellite-Based AIS Receiver for Dense Maritime Zones (COMSNETS-2017)
Detection of Orbital Debris Using Self-Interference Cancellation Residual Signal (IconSpace-2013)
Low-complexity DFT-pair Carrier Acquisition (NCC-2013)
Reducing VSAT Aperture via Satellite MIMO (MILCOM-2008)
Interference Cancellation in Satcom and Ranging (NCC-2008)
DPLL Adaptation and I/Q Imbalance Compensation for Mobile Satellite Demodulators (NCC-2007)
Canceling echoes distorted by satellite transponders (NCC-2006)
Hybrid SPV/ Wind Mini-Turbine UPS (ICORE-2006)
Kurtosis DPLL and PTCM decoder for non-linearly amplified 16-QAM (MILCOM-2005)
SDR framework for burst/ continuous MPSK/ 16-QAM modems (SPCOM-2004)
Photovoltaic UPS (IEEE Tencon-2003)
Digitally Controlled Crystal Oven (NCC-2003)
Pragmatic TCM for 8-PSK in Satellite Communications (SPCOM-2001)
Design of Nyquist and near-Nyquist pulses with spectral constraints (ICWPC-2000)
Memory and Power Efficient High-Resolution MPEG Format (CCSP-2000)
Efficient Multiple Access Using Pulse-Position Modulated Codes (CCSP-2000)
Parallelizing Shift Register Sequences Generators (NCC-2000)
Sparse Adaptive Equalization for Line Of Sight Radio (NCC-2000)
Synchronizing Concatenated FECs (NCC-2000)
Projection on convex sets approach to design of near-equiripple NPR banks (SPCOM-1999)
Transient detection and classification in energy meters (SPCOM-1999, ICSPAT-1999)
Design of burst-mode decision-feedback QPSK demodulator (SPCOM-1999)
Low Complexity HF Channel Simulator (NCC-1999)
A Low-Complexity, Reduced-Power Viterbi Algorithm (VLSI-1999)
Tariffs, Metering and Communications (Tutorial at "Recent Developments in Electricity Metering and Billing" Oct. 5-9, 1998, ESCI, Hyderabad)
An adaptive IIR phase equalizer for Electronic Energy Meters (ICSPAT-1998)
Networked electronic energy meters with power quality analysis (PQ-1998)
A new logarithm for GF(2m) and Quadratic Root Finding (NCC-1998)
Quality enhancement of low bit-rate MPEG / H.263 Encoded Video (NCC-1998)
Pseudo-QMF banks with near-equiripple performance (IEEE Trans. Signal Processing, January-1998)
Improving concurrency in cosine-modulated filterbank windowing (VLSI-1998)
Low-gate count implementation of finite field calculator (Design Contest Winner, VLSI-1997)
Design of large subbands / length pseudo-QMF prototype using IFIR decomposition (NCC-1997)
Burst erasure restoration via cosine modulated filterbanks (SPCOM-1997)
Asymptotic equivalence of some adaptive biquad notch filters (SPCOM-1997)
Adaptive IFIR filters for acoustic echo cancellation (NCC-1996)
Novel techniques in high speed modem implementation using programmable DSPs (SPCOM-1995)
Convergence of equation error adaptive IIR filters (SPCOM-1995, SPCOM-1997)
New uncoded / block-coded CPM modems (SPCOM-1995, NCC-1996)
An iteration scheme for the design of equiripple Mth-band FIR filters (IEEE Trans. Signal Processing, August 1995)