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User Terminal (ACU, Modem, BUC etc.) Manager
Antenna Controller Emulator
Software for antenna pointing to non-geostationary satellites
Four element Power Booster (4ePB)
Return Channel Spread Spectrum from USATs
8-element S-band Digital Beamformer
Pulse shaping filters with sharp roll-off
Non-geostationary satellite delay/ Doppler simulator
SDK for pointing antenna to an equatorial MEO satellite
High spectral efficiency satellite communications: Now powered by Artix-7
Sigma-delta converter processing for 3-axis accelerometer system (higher order CIC filter design with selectable masks and minimum group delay)
Gas analyzer
Verilog RTL for Synchronized sigma-delta converter with chopper stabilization (verified in AMD ISE Simulator)
Digitally controlled and tuned crystal oven
Intrinsically safe display
PC-based ESM processor
CCIR-520-1 real-time HF channel simulator
HF radio with conventional waveforms, 39-tone modem and ALE
Vibration and modal analysis for aircraft structures / turbines
MPEG-2 video decoder
CSound music synthesis system
H.261 video codec
Trivector energy meter (SALEM/ EM1230, Technology transferred to Analog Devices Inc.)
264 kbps four channel multiplexer with Reed-Solomon coding
Secure CELP vocoder
Erasure correction for damaged CDs
Adaptive variable data rate (HF & meteor burst) modems
VSAT MSK modem
Forward error correcting HF modem
Time/ Frequency diversity HF modem