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Loop-back Beam Radio-Occlusion GEO Debris Detection - APRSAF-24, 15th November, 2017 - Presentation
US Patent issued for Physical layer hand-off and diversity combining in non-geostationary satellite constellation - 26th September, 2017
ICFAI Tech School conducts Industry Academia Conclave - 4th March, 2017
Signion proposes IoT Small Satellite Constellation - 16th February, 2017
Signion proposes LEO HTS Constellation for Digital India - 25th February, 2016
EMC Leads in Industry Intellectual Property with Award of U.S. Patent for Medium Earth Orbit Satellite Communications Power Booster - 19th November, 2015
US Patent issued for Automatic Uplink Power Control in Interference Cancellation based spectral reuse - 4th November, 2014
US Patent issued for System and Method for Reducing VSAT Apertures via Satellite MIMO - 15th January, 2013
US Patent issued for Short-Periodicity Carrier Acquisition for Satcom Interference Cancellation - 22nd December, 2012
US Patent Issued for System and Method for enabling Ultra Small Aperture Communication Antenna using Spectral Replication and Coherent Frequency and Phase Combining - 16th March, 2011
Satcom Methods for a Tsunami Early Warning System - TIDC 2007
Analog Devices licenses design to Brazilian company - Economic Times, 8th February, 2001
Lanco Global, Signion Systems tie the knot - The Economic Times, 21st November, 2000
Alternative energy pays off - The Hindu, 13th July, 2000
Texas Instruments seeks Indian catalysts - Business Standard, 16th December, 1998
Electronic energy meter - The Hindu, 23rd July, 1998
Photovoltaic UPS - The Hindu, 16th November, 1995
Analog expects rise in revenues - The Economic Times, 6th October, 1995
ADI to bring out ICs in next one year - The Economic Times, 5th October, 1995
A case for electronic electricity meters in India - Energy for Sustainable Development, July, 1995
Some of the partnerships - The Economic Times, 26th January - 1st February, 1995
Analog Devices plans IC unit at Bangalore - The Economic Times, 17th September, 1993